October 7, 2023

The Front Lines of Montreal’s Opioid Crisis: A Closer Look

Montreal’s opioid crisis is impacting various demographics, including the homeless population, and is linked to an increase in crime rates. Measures to combat the crisis include increasing access to naloxone and advocating for safe spaces for drug consumption. Future efforts may include policy changes, class-action lawsuits, and resources for homeless individuals.

“Complexities of the Canadian Opioid Crisis: Social & Legal Perspectives”

The Canadian opioid crisis has complex social and legal issues. It strains healthcare, widens the class divide, and fuels crime and homelessness. Lawsuits are being filed against opioid manufacturers and distributors. Efforts to address the crisis include increased access to naloxone and campaigns to raise awareness. Coordinated, accessible, and responsive efforts are needed to combat the crisis.

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