“Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Blood Tribe’s Multi-faceted Approach in Southern Alberta”

The Blood Tribe in southern Alberta launches the "Bring the Fight Home" campaign to tackle the opioid crisis through education and community engagement.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Blood Tribe’s Multi-faceted Approach


The opioid crisis that has swept across the continent is a multifaceted issue, affecting every societal layer from families to cities, regions, and nations globally. Canada is certainly no exception to this devastating epidemic, with a significant rise in opioid overdoses noted in recent years. The impact is severe, espousing an upward trend in
homeless and crime rates within affected communities. Recent news from southern Alberta’s Blood Tribe offers a ray of hope in these challenging times.

Blood Tribe’s Fight Against the Opioid Crisis

Amidst a rising opioid crisis, the Blood Tribe in southern Alberta has been proactive, embarking on a journey to curtail the dire impacts of opioids. The member’s struggle with opioid misuse has driven the community to launch a systematic campaign aimed at preventing opioid-related deaths, creatively dubbed “Bring the Fight Home”.

‘Bring the Fight Home’ Campaign

The central focus of the “Bring the Fight Home” campaign is to enable tribal members to become well-versed in the use of naloxone kits. Naloxone is a potentially lifesaving medication known to temporarily reverse the deadly effects of an opioid overdose until professional medical help is available. Through the campaign, the community aims to educate its members on how to administer naloxone and recognize signs of an overdose.

Comprehensive Approach to Addressing the Crisis

Beyond training tribal members in the naloxone kit usage, the campaign also pushes a well-rounded approach, aiming to involve local members in broader discussions and actions geared towards directly addressing the opioid crisis in their midst. Included in this initiative is an endeavor to increase access to social and health services, improve community education, and drive engagement in preventive and intervention measures, such as supportive housing.

Stern Action Against Drug Dealers

Additionally, the Blood Tribe has joined the opioid class action suit, bringing legal action against manufacturers and distributors of opioids in Canada. This collective legal action is an attempt to hold these entities accountable for their roles in exacerbating the crisis.

Key Points From the Initiative

  • The Blood Tribe in southern Alberta launched the “Bring the Fight Home” campaign to battle opioid crisis in their community.
  • The focal point of the campaign is widespread naloxone kit education and distribution among its tribal members.
  • The campaign takes a comprehensive approach, also targeting social and health services access, community education, and prevention and intervention methods.
  • The tribe is engaged in a national opioid class action, directly targeting opioid manufacturers and distributors.


The Blood Tribe’s initiative against the opioid crisis, marked by its multifaceted preventive strategy, could potentially serve as a blueprint for other communities grappling with similar challenges. By leveraging community engagement and education, improving access to essential social and health services, and taking legal action against opioid manufacturers and distributors, the tribe is at the forefront in the battle against opioids. Above all, this initiative emphasizes the necessity for all stakeholders to join hands in fighting the opioid crisis to create a healthier, safer society for everyone.


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